Trina Wybierala, ADC

Trina Wybierala, ADC

Program Coordinator- All Locations

Trina is a person in long term recovery. Addiction plagues her extended family and yet she has found the means and resources to remain sober. Trina believes in the Twelve Step ideal of one addict helping another is without parallel. Perhaps it is why she has chosen to be in this line of work. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says we turn our tragedies into valuable experiences. We can work with other alcoholics by relating to their stories and being evidence that even though they have suffered, we are proof that there is hope; recovery is possible.
Trina is a 'go with the flow' type of person. She has big dreams. Perhaps we'll see her behind the bench as a judge one day. Maybe she'll be an advocate for women involved with Child Protective Services. What we do know is that whatever she does, she will be amazing. She spreads love and hope everywhere she goes. Her unconditional positive regard for everyone she encounters makes her a blessing to all.
When Trina is not traveling or spending time with her son, she is 100% engaged in the recovery community. Trina says she enjoys working at Sobriety First because it is so much fun! Truth is, Trina has fun everywhere she goes. She knows how to enjoy life and will teach you how to enjoy life too!