Brandy Shade, CPRS

Brandy Shade, CPRS

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

After many years of drug addiction and struggling to find her place in this world, she finally decided enough was enough. She entered a residential treatment program and began to discover who she was without the insanity of addiction. She discovered that recovery was everything she was searching for. The Twelve Steps and the love she found in the rooms of NA was what she had been missing all along. It's no wonder she has such a passion for helping the addicts who still suffer.
Brandy is often referred to as the 'Resource Queen' at Sobriety First. She engulfs herself into the community and finds resources that are not readily advertised. Brandy believes each person is unique, and their recovery program should be to; she has a variety of recovery tools she uses with her clients. Brandy says she is honored to watch people find what works for them and see the joy in her clients when they know they have handled a situation better than they ever have before; when they know they got through a tough situation they originally thought they could never stay sober through.
In her free time, she has found a new hobby of having a variety of house plants. She also enjoys painting and drawing. Brandy says the reason she enjoys working at Sobriety First is because it is a client first program and all our providers strive to let each client know that we are eager to help.