Summer Roth, BSW, ADC-T

Summer Roth, BSW, ADC-T

Program Coordinator - All Locations & Primary Counselor - St. Cloud Night Group

Hello, my name is Summer, and I am here for support.
I have been with Sobriety First LLC since 2018. I started my journey with Sobriety First as an eager intern, then transitioned to a primary counselor. I am now the program coordinator, and spend my time traveling in between the Sauk Centre, Milaca, St. Cloud, and Monticello locations as well as running the MRT program at our St. Cloud location. I also do Rule 25 assessments at all our locations, jails and wherever else someone may need me.
I spent many years searching for my purpose in life after my intentional overdose in 2010. I knew that my higher power had a plan in store for me. It took a lot of trial and error and strength to get where I am today, and it wasn't until I started my journey at Sobriety First that I had found my purpose in life and new I was exactly where I needed to me.

Sobriety First is a client centered program that meets clients where they are at and helps guide them onto their own road to recovery.