Supportive- Our culture embodies a collective identity. We not only support our clients, but we support each other. Those in supervisory roles are there to serve the staff, just as staff is there to serve the client's needs. Due to the nature of our work, we need support for our daily job duties, as well as spiritual, emotional, and mental support. This is our primary and most important goal.

Authentic- We not only talk the talk, we also walk the walk. We practice what we teach. We lead by example. Every member of our team is a Leader. As leaders we must be genuine and sincere. A leader is not a manipulator, they are an encourager. A leader is not perfect, they admit their mistakes and work to improve themselves. We honor progress, not perfection.

Intentional- Nothing at Sobriety First happens by mistake. We live our lives on purpose. We find the right seat for the right person- no staff member is in a position that does not suit them. We are here to elevate our staff and our clients. Every client is treated as an individual and we provide them with a Care Team to focus on their specific needs. We look outside the box to provide the best opportunity for our client's success.

Client First- Every decision made is in the best interest of the clients, not the company. The Care Team meets at minimum weekly to ensure every client is getting their needs met. We encourage clients to seek the right facility for them, knowing it will not always be us. We have a team of Support Staff to ensure that all staff have what they need to meet the client's needs. Our goal is to get each client into the appropriate program for them.

Driven- Our team is made up of passionate people. We are a group of individuals who seek to promote change. Change is anticipated, expected, and appreciated. We evolve to circumstances as a sail does with the wind. We embrace new ideas and push each other to be the best we can, in each moment.

Growth Oriented- We want to expand our services to provide more consistency and continuity of care for our clients. We not only want to expand the areas we serve, but also the services we provide. We will continue to push ourselves to new heights, keeping an open mind about what we are capable of. Growth is only appropriate if we can continue to embody our ideals and values.

Fun- We have fun. We know how to live full happy lives. We emulate this to our clients. We show them that a life in a recovery is a fun life. In a world where addiction consumes all and destroys lives every day, we must find the joy. We find joy in the small, daily, tasks. We teach joy in the small, daily, tasks. We exude happiness; we have fun!