Samuel Bennett, CPRS, Peer Service Director

Samuel Bennett, CPRS, Peer Service Director

Peer Service Director- All Locations

Sam is a person in long term recovery. Obtaining sobriety drastically changed his life. When he stopped trying to change the things around him and instead focused to change the things inside, he found freedom. Sam is a man of service. He feels it is his duty to give back what was so freely given to him. That is why he chose to work in the recovery field. He started college to become an Alcohol and Drug Counselor but discovered Peer to Peer services was his calling.
He also found a calling to follow Jesus. Sam is very involved in his church community and regularly hands out recovery bibles. He shows his love for Jesus by being of service in all areas of his life. When Sam is not treasuring the time spent with this family he is involved in the church and recovery communities. Sometimes these communities intersect, and we believe that is where he finds the most serenity. Sam holds himself to a high level of accountability. He is a man of strength and integrity. He is not afraid of vulnerability or intimacy (allowing others to truly see who he is).
Sam is also known for his extreme stunts (from cutting his coworker's hair to eating bugs off the ground). He loves attending sober events like campouts and conventions. Our favorite part of Sam working at Sobriety First is that he ensures everyone has fun. Always.