Rachel Kriese, BS, LADC

Rachel Kriese, BS, LADC

Primary Counselor Sauk Centre

While Rachel was in college majoring in Ministry, she felt a pull to Alcohol and Drug Counseling. So much so that she added Alcohol and Drug Counseling to her major and came into the Substance Use Disorder field. Rachel joined us not long after her internship and she displays a natural ability to connect with people. It seems her God given talent is understanding people at a deep level. She has the empathy and compassion for people with substance use disorders as if she had struggled with it herself.
Rachel specializes in helping people through their shame and guilt, self-esteem issues, and co-occurring SUD and Mental Health issues. She works closely with our Mental Health Providers and Peer Recovery Providers to ensure the client is getting what they need and has access to resources that will help them maintain a life free from active addiction. Rachel knows she chose the right profession as she sees the internal and external changes in her clients.
In her free time Rachel enjoys spending time with her dog, Ruger; she also enjoys trips with her husband. She is passionate about both history and her faith. She is sought out by our team members for insightful conversations on the Bible. She is open minded, warm, and compassionate. Her laugh is a beautiful sound that fills our office with joy. Rachel says the reason she enjoys working at Sobriety First is "the tight-knit bond and feeling of acceptance from everyone"