Jessica Sandberg, BA, LADC

Jessica Sandberg, BA, LADC

Primary Counselor -St Cloud

Jessica is a passionate person who is in long term recovery. No matter the situation, she always gives it her best. Jessica is a driven, independent woman who is raising a daughter to be the same. Jessica is excellent at setting rules for self-care and creating expectations not only for her clients, but herself as well. Jessica is an intrinsically motivated person. She will put more pressure on herself to be her best than any support team member ever could.
Jessica is driven. She is actively working towards her master's degree so that she can be dually licensed (both addiction counselor and mental health counselor) and assist clients more wholly as a single provider vs having multiple providers. Jessica specializes in working with adults who utilize medication assisted treatment for their recovery journey. This was not what she sought out in her career; rather it found her. Jessica has deep understanding of the needs of others and has been a blessing at Sobriety First.
What Jessica loves about working at Sobriety First is the opportunity to expand outside of her comfort zone. She also enjoys the ability to customize every client's program to suit them. Jessica succeeds in her career because she is a person-centered counselor who meets all clients where they're at and assists them with defining their idea of success.